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CN GPOWER Gearbox Co., Ltd is located in the Jiangjin District,Chongqing city which is under the control of the central government in China and was established in 1966. It has changed its name for three times from the former State-owned Yongjin Machinery Plant , Sichuan Gearbox Plant and CN GPOWER Gearbox Co., Ltd. The Company has a total asset of RMB 6.0 billion and an area of more than 830,000 m2 as well as a staff of more than 3,000 people.

The Company specializes in the development and production of high-precision case-hardened gears and gearboxes, couplings & dampers and complete sets of equipment, including: speed-up gearbox, yaw drive and pitch drive gearbox for wind turbine generator system, marine gearbox, building material gearbox, metallurgy gearbox, thermal industry gearbox and nuclear power generator, rail transit gearbox, engineering machinery gearbox, offshore lifting systems, motorized gears and friction plates, which are widely used in various fields such as national defense, energy, transportation and special equipments exported to Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East, and are highly favored by customers and clients.

In September 2010, the new leading group of CN GPOWER formulated the enterprise’s 12th Five-Year Development Plan, and outlined the grand blueprint of “Five features; Five visions”, with the strategic position of “start a new undertaking and reconstructing CN GPOWER”. The leading group is committed to unite and lead all members in struggling for a better future featuring “Ten billion CN GPOWER, One hundred year enterprise”.

Over the years, the company has won many honors and titles such as “National advanced unit for spiritual civilization construction”, “National customer satisfaction enterprise”, “State-level unit of measurement”, “National first-class safety standard enterprise”, “Pioneer in Chinese industry field”, “Leading enterprise in China’s building material machinery industry”, It has edged its way into the list of “China's top 500 machinery companies” and “50 top industrial enterprises of Chongqing”.